SAMSON in Midnight Black (EU46-50)/(UK12-16)/(US13-17) Men’s Genuine Leather Formal Corporate Wedding Oxfords Brogues Dress Shoes


Introducing Hallowed Footwear’s range of SAMSON brogues – a collection of strikingly handsome men’s formal shoes that radiate charisma and strength of character. Quality craftsmanship, genuine leather materials and broguing detail showcased in a gloss finish, speak to an investment in finest quality. Just like an Oxford, brogues have a closed lacing system where the flaps holding the eyelets are sewn under the vamp instead of on top. This results in a clean slim silhouette, perfect for suits. The broguing refers to the ornamental perforations which set them apart from their plain Oxford cousins.

SAMSONS have in-built arch support and footbed cushioning to carry you through the longest night on the town. Their leather insole lining will allow your feet to breathe, providing temperature and odour control. The leather upper will support and shape to your feet over time. The outer sole is made from Thunit – a more durable rubber compound that lasts longer than leather, making it easier on your hip pocket.  These shoes are made from responsibly sourced leather* and available in Mulled Wine, Azure or Midnight.


* Hallowed Footwear is committed to establishing partnerships with businesses who adhere to ethical manufacturing and environmental best practice. We are proud to work with a men’s footwear manufacturer who has been independently audited by Eurofins BLC and certified to Leather Working Group’s (LWG) Environmental protocols. Our consumers can be confident that the leather used in our Hallowed Footwear branded products has been manufactured in an environmentally appropriate way. LWG audit protocols are applied around the globe to certify leather manufacturers and traders within the supply chain.


46, 47, 48, 49, 50


Mulled Wine, Azure, Midnight


How to measure
  1. Take measurements in the afternoon or evening (feet enlarge with activity).
  2. Visit the FAQ page for a full list of instructions on how best to do this.
  3. Record the length, width and circumference measurements (whichever is the greater of your two feet) in your phone notes for handy access.  
  4. Use the size guide below to find the best shoes for your feet, noting the following tips:
    • for enclosed shoes, add approximately 2.5cm to your foot length measurement to allow wriggle room
    • the shoe circumference should be slightly larger than your foot circumference measurement
    • EU sizing differs between brands and manufacturers which is why we’ve added hand-measured insole and outsole lengths (where different), width and circumference measurements, using the universal standard of centimetres.  We have taken every care to provide as accurate measurements as possible; however, we recommend allowing minor margins of difference since these measurements are undertaken post-production.
EUInsole CM Outsole CMWidth CMCirc (CM)
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