Beyond user-friendly websites, secure payment gateways, positive customer reviews and good returns policies – is the one fundamental we all rely on to guarantee a successful online shopping experience – accurate product descriptions and specifications! 

We expect images to be true to life and measurements accurate, to have the confidence to purchase. Nowhere is this demonstrated more clearly that in fashion retail where products need to cater for huge variances in human shape. Shoes are no exception.


Here at Hallowed, we’ve taken the time to measure EVERY STYLE in EVERY SIZE – that’s insole length, foot width, and circumference (foot, ankle and calf) – and provided these in centimetres for you. Everything you need to compare a shoe style’s fit, with your feet, is just a click away. A blue link sits under the description on every product page.  Click on SIZE CHART to show a table like the one below:

These tables don’t contain approximated measurements taken from a ‘universal’ conversion chart. Rather, these are individual size charts crafted from our collections, and created in service of our customers. We’ve taken the time to do this to assist your confident selection of the right sized shoes, every time.

See our FAQ page for instructions on how to measure your feet.


We understand you might be more familiar with AU, US or UK sizing rather than European (EU). This is how our brands come to us from the manufacturers. The important information is not the size convention, but the centimetre specifications of the shoes compared with those of your feet – using the same unit of measure.

You might wonder why there is no size conversion chart on our site.  The innumerable variations in tools and moulds (lasts) used across the world to manufacture shoes makes standardising conversion tables impossible, both within the same sizing convention, and across conventions. If conversion tables were truly universal, or at least reliable:

  • you should be able to select the same size shoe every time and be guaranteed of a good fit (instead of great variances across brands);
  • return rates for wrong size selections would not be as high as they are in this sector, from depending on them;
  • and there’d only be one ‘universal’ size chart in existence instead of the multitudes you can find online.


Our commitment is clear – we’ve provided accurate product descriptions so you can have confidence that what you’re buying, is true to spec. Now it’s up to you. Choosing the right shoes also relies on you knowing your feet!  Here’s a few tips to help you in that process:

  • measure your feet twice, so you can confidently select once;
  • save your own foot measurements in centimetres into your phone notes (or somewhere handy for easy reference);
  • and compare these with our carefully crafted size charts, allowing some wriggle room (check our FAQ page for sizing tips).
Yes, we do things differently, here at Hallowed.
It’s all about being of service to you.
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